9 Easy & Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

Every body want sturdy, thick, and superb nails, however in reality going about our lives can emerge as a minefield of probable nail-destructive conditions.

Right here at julep we’ve positioned a number of idea, love, and generation into assisting you get stronger, sturdier nails with products like oxygen nail treatment, robust nail & cuticle serum, and our color deal with nail polish gadget, which shall we your nails breathe while infusing them with herbal nail-strengthening ingredients.

But irrespective of the assist of powerful pals like oxygen, robust and colour deal with, developing your healthiest nails ever starts with top notch-tuning your regular behavior. Here are our top guidelines for a manner to broaden stronger, more healthy nails and save you nail harm—so that you can better experience all of your tremendous manicures!


Julep-iona-bitsofpolishour maven jen showing off her robust and satisfied nails in julep iona (it girl).

1. Restriction water exposure. Put on gloves whilst you wash dishes, and don’t soak within the bathtub bathtub for too prolonged—or hold your nails outdoor the water (clasping that tumbler of pink wine, possibly?) for maximum of your soak.

2. However drink plenty (and loads) of it. One health and beauty thriller we are capable of all advantage from is that hydration is fundamental for cute skin, hair, and nails. Drink masses of water sooner or later of the day, and also you’ll sense and appearance better, all of the manner all of the manner right down to your hydrated cuticles and nails. A balanced food plan that includes masses of protein may also help enhance your nail fitness.

3. Maintain your nails at the shorter facet. If you’re having trouble with inclined nails, keep in mind slicing down the period at the same time as you constructing up their energy. Shorter nails are less liable to breaking, because there are fewer exposed edges to rip and much less floor region where water and chemical substances may be absorbed. Just make certain to document down your nails in a single course, and don’t observed them from side to side, that may purpose your nails to break up and peel.

4. Make cuticle oil and hand crème part of your routine. If you don’t hold your nails and cuticles moisturized, common nail issues like grasp nails and dry pores and pores and skin can snowball into bigger issues, like persistent cuticle picking and nail peeling. In desire to reducing your cuticles—which, even as performed incorrectly, can be painful or even provide a gap for bacteria to get into your nails—use cuticle softener to gently push them returned, and observe cuticle oil often to keep them tender and moisturized. Our crucial cuticle oil is lip balm-sized and has a convenient roller ball applicator, so that you can maintain a bottle to your purse or pocket anywhere you cross.

5. Try a diy nail soak. Many human beings swear thru soaking their arms in olive oil to assist with nail hydration and electricity. Coconut oil, argan oil, food plan e oil, tee tree oil, and castor oil can help within the same manner. Truely pour a chunk little bit of oil right into a bowl and soak each hand for 10 minutes, and massage the oil into your nail beds and cuticles to get the blood circulating. To surely lock within the moisture, attempt soaking your nails at night time time and sporting gloves to bed.

6. Avoid alcohol-based hand sanitizer, as it could be specially drying for your nails. Wash your fingers with cleaning soap and water and observe up with hand crème or cuticle oil.

7. Be careful whilst cleansing. Exposure to chemical substances and detergents can weaken your nails, so hold your nails covered in the course of circle of relatives chores by means of carrying gloves.

8. Keep away from the use of your nails as gear. Even a few factor as quick as starting a soda can or scratching off a fee tag locations pressure on the weakest a part of your nail, the pinnacle, and might make contributions to peeling and breakage.

9. Make your manicures closing longer. Overuse of nail polish remover can dry out your nails, so if you love retaining your nails colourful and polished, growth your nail filing durability to decrease the amount of time your nails are uncovered to remover. To hold your nail color lasting longer, begin by pushing again your cuticles, use a hydrating base coat and sturdy top coat like our new oxygen smoothing base coat and oxygen performance top coat, observe polish to the loose fringe of your nail with each coat, and reapply your pinnacle coat every few days.

10. Take a ruin from polish and use a strengthener which include julep’s take a breather. The product gives you the benefits of strengthening with a adorable pink tint.

Updated: 16th April 2018 — 6:03 pm

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